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Logistics beyond expectation

Ground and local deliveries, and courier services in the tri-state area – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.


What We Do 

Divine Logistics is the finest in transportation services worldwide. Experience our on-demand messenger service and standard of refinement for commercial and retail goods along with exclusive services for wedding and event industry requests.

We offer an impeccable presentation including nondescript white vehicles, monochromatic uniformed messengers, and white-glove presentation. From parcels, time-sensitive documents, and gifts to appliances and equipment, Divine Logistics provides unmatched comprehensive transportation. 

  • Parcels
  • Time-sensitive documents
  • Gifts
  • Appliances and Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Event Rentals and Decor



Divine Logistics is a comprehensive company providing all transportation services such as ground and local deliveries as well as courier requests. We are one of the leading transportation services worldwide because we ensure that every task we execute competes favorably with the best in the industry in terms of time, safety, and quality of service. 

Beyond safety and excellence in service, our client care is second to none. Our highly esteemed clientele is the reason for our existence and as such, Divine Logistics strives to exceed their expectations which will guarantee their satisfaction as well as their loyalty as ambassadors for our services. 

At Divine Logistics, the best interest of the client comes first. All that we do is founded upon the core values of professionalism, integrity, and close attention to detail. We uphold the highest standards by delivering superb services with accuracy and precision. We cultivate a working environment that provides an interpersonal, sustainable approach to building a career, and thriving in this fast-paced world, for our partners, employees, and clients. 

Wedding and Event Courier and Dispatch Services 

Our white-glove courier service surpasses your greatest expectations for personalized service with impeccable attention to detail. 

We cater to all transportation requests including that of: 

  • Invitations and stationery
  • Photography equipment 
  • DJ and live musical setups 
  • Floral Designs and Event Decor 
  • Event Rental Furniture 
  • Time-sensitive and otherwise critical documents