The Essentials of Having a Wedding Planner

Many newly engaged couples underestimate the importance of having a professional wedding planner, to assist them in the planning of their big day. Today, many engaged couples both work full time, have a robust social life, and every second counts. Having a professional guiding you through the planning process, will create a smooth and exciting wedding day. 

What does a planner do exactly?

A professional wedding planner typically wears many hats. Some selections include: serving as a designer, negotiator, coordinator, and support system. Having a planner allows you to have an experienced professional to bring the vision of your wedding day into reality. Your planner serves as a liaison in all your wedding day needs, through negotiating with vendors, coordinating all event arrangements, and supporting you through anything that comes your way during this process. 

Choosing a planner that best suits you...

When choosing the perfect planner there are some things you want to be sure of before signing...

You want to choose your planner like you would choose a best friend. I know that may sound odd, but planning a wedding requires a lot of communication, trust, and time. You want to be sure you get along with your planner because you will be in touch with them on a frequent basis. Trusting them is essential because your planner will be the one creating your dream event, offering advice, and helping you make decisions in the planning process.

Is a planner for me?

The answer is yes. 

As many people do not think a planner is for them, they end up wishing they had one. Many brides think, “That’s what I have a maid of honor for.” The reality of that is, your maid of honor has her own personal life, meaning she may not be able to provide you with the undivided attention needed to curate all of the magical details of your big day. Just because you have a planner doesn’t mean that your maid of honor won’t be helping you through your big day, but having a planner takes away the pressure a wedding can create. Allowing you and your bridal party to be able to enjoy your special day just as anyone else attending would!

What if I don’t need someone to plan out my entire wedding from start to finish?

Many new couples are unaware of the planning options many planners offer that are tailored to fit their needs. At Divine Elegance by Deirdre we offer our services on three levels: Full Service, Wedding Day Management, and Eleventh-Hour Management. These options have been curated to compliment the needs of couples planning their special day, ensuring the best possible experience on their special day. 

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